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I am no scientist. I really cannot tell you when babies start to pop a tooth. I can only tell you what I have observed. 

  1. Dribble: sometimes to the point of a rash on their face. drool, it just comes out of them. 

  2. Grumpy, they may be crying and you dont know why, you have reconciled it to be one of those times that they are just crying, then a few days later you feel a little tooth

  3. Mild fever: They say that busting a tooth doesnt give them a fever. I call BS on that one. I dont know why, I have nothing but every mum in my mothers group telling me this, they just get a small fever. If they have a low grade fever, they are able to have panadol (so over 4 months) then give it a try if you want. Give bonjella a go. Have you ever tried bonjella on a sore tooth? It tastes like licorice and does squat for me. That doesnt mean it doesnt work. 

  4. Slop Bot: again they say that teething should cause "loose stools"...I call BS on that one too. May be it is because of all that dribble, I dont know. I just know that it has a different smell, and it is runny and the baby puts their foot in it

Get a Sophie Giraffe. Put a cold face towel in their mouth to bite on. May be it doesnt hurt and it itches them? I honestly dont know what it is, but I do know that every mum everywhere all agrees it is something. 

Red Toothbrush


Just when you think things are starting to go well, the baby starts to cry more, is grumpy, or "unsettled". It could be a tooth. I dont know. If they have a low grade fever, they are grumpy and old enough, get the panadol. Get a Sophie (it is a giraffe toy that is safe for the baby to nibble on. I have a theory that the skin is itchy, but I dont really know. 

Babies usually start teething between 4 and 7 months old. Signs of teething include drooling, a facial rash, swollen and sensitive gums, irritability or fussiness, trouble sleeping, a desire to chew on everything, a low-grade fever, rubbing the face, and a bump visible on the gum. Teething symptoms may last a week or longer. The signs of teething vary from baby to baby, though, and some babies don't experience teething symptoms at all. In my humble opinion the first ones hurt because they havent experienced this before. The sharper teeth, I think they hurt more too. 

Mum is probably going to be sad that the baby is sad. That will cause you some emotions too. So let her lean on you, give her a cuddle, tell her she is amazing. The chances are that it is a tooth, or that it is something you will figure out in a few days. 

Once they bust a tooth, you now need to brush that tooth. 

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