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Colic, Unsettled, Leap 4, Sleep regression? 4 months!

I really dont know if any of these things are true. Its Colic, It is (in wonder weeks) Leap 4. 4 month sleep regression. "Purple crying"?

Everyone has a name for it. All I know is that from amogst my mothers group, between 4-6 month, just after you are through the new born phase, the baby starts acting cranky. 


If you figure it out, tell me. 

I desperately wanted answers. The thing is that even though I desperately wanted answers, I cant say that it would have helped me through this phase. Some people say its wind. ok? Then why is it happening now? The baby is cluster feeding, I dont know why? A growth spurt?

Nothing of specific is happening, cool. Something is going on, and wish I knew the answer. 

Ride it out. It will pass. 


Between 4-6 months babies go through a phase of something. Some people say it is colic. It might be? Some people say it is a neurological development? it might be?

Just ride it out. Hug Mum, and ride it out.

Well meaning people will have lots of thoughts on this period of time. They might know more than me. Highly likely they do. The thing is they cant speak to the baby, so it is all just guess work. 

My only tip, ride it out. Tell mum she is beautiful, kind, smart, funny, witty.

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