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Feeding (Formula)

Fed is Best, Fed is Best, Fed is Best, Fed is Best,Fed Fed is Best,is Best, Fed is Best!!


At some point we were told that formula is evil. It isnt. Plenty of babies are formula fed, or are mix fed. 

If you decide you want to bottle feed, that is ok.

Midwives will give you a bit of attitude, ignore them.

Bottle feeding is not a failing on your behalf.

You are not giving the baby anything that is bad for them.

If you want to sometimes bottle feed and sometimes breastfeed, that is ok to.

Your boobs will need to know how much to make and when, so give your boobs time to work that out.

You can change your mind, you just have to make sure your boobs get the message. It is a supple equals demand situation. 

For your boobs, wear a firm bra, and squeeze out a little for comfort, and eventually your body will get the message to not produce milk. If you want to pump and feed the baby breast milk, that is fine. The pump wont be as intuitive as your baby. At first though it will reduce some pressure. There are lots of good pumps out there. I would avoid the two pump machine, unless you get the bra that goes with it. It is just a bit hard to hold a baby and two bottles. 

Hand Pumps are the devils work. Go for electric. 

Your baby will not have more or less allergies because you bottle fed

You are still going bond with your bub. They will not grow up any differently. 

The reality is that there are many reasons why people decide to not breastfeed, and they are all valid. No matter why you made the decision it is your choice, and formula is perfectly fine. Please do not let any negative voices enter into your head. You did the right thing by listening to your instincts. 

You are doing an amazing job. 

Your boobs might get hot, that is normal too. Put some water on a nappy, and stick it in the freezer, it will then be the perfect soothing solution to your boobs. Cabbage leaves is what our mothers and grandmother used. We have nappies. Same thing. 

If you want to use cabbage leaves you can. They dont have any magical powers though, they are a good shape for your boobs. So is a newborn nappy.


So no matter what the reason, Mum has decided she wants to bottle feed. This means you get to wake up in the middle of the night and feed your baby so mum can rest! YAY!

Mum might be feeling some strong emotions, that you have no doubt already experienced. Support her decision, and keep telling her that FED is BEST. 

the science: there is no way to sugar coat this, yes breastmilk is researched to be the number 1 in food for bub for the first year. Running close behind at number 2 is formula. It wont hurt the baby. In fact I would argue that if breastfeeding was stressing out Mum a lot, then FED IS BEST. 

If any well intended females in your life give you or Mum grief. Remove them from Mum, and have a quiet word. Say...Mum has made this decision, and I fully support her. And you fully support her too. That is your mantra. 

Initially bottles will have to be sterilised, and so go to a baby store outlet and talk to them about what you need. 

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