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At some point you may become obsessed with your bubs poo habits. I dont know why this happens to us. My guess is that while we are waiting for a bit of feedback from our bub, the only communication we are doing well is by inspecting their poo?

So a few things you will notice. 

First of all your baby may have done a poo when they were inside you. Dont worry about it. 

the first poo that you see come out of them is black tar like colour and consistency. That is pretty standard. If Dad goes :whoa what is that" say "Amy said you would say that and that I should hit you"

Babies poo in an array of colours, which seems a bit odd because they dont eat. If you are breastfeeding you may think that what you eat impacts your milk. I dont think it does. Change your diet if you want to, but i suspect you will never really know the answer here. 

This poo obsession is something that happens to us all. So if you find yourself up in the middle of the night scrolling through pictures of babies poo, you will find a lot there. '

Generally they are brown, yellow, greenish. Forumla poo is a bit more firm, and breastfed is sloppy. Breastfed babies can go on for a long time before they poo. When they do, it can well and truly burst through the nappy, and climb all the way to the head. 

Take pictures of the poo if you want to. We all do!


For some reason new mums become obsessed with poo. It is sort of validating that everything is ok. So some things you should know. 

Mums take photos of bubs poo. 

The first poo (that may have happened inside mum) is called Meconium, and it is a black tar like substance (picture). If you say anything bad about this poo, mum may hit you. 

Baby might poo in an array of colours, and volumes. When should you be concerned? if there are bloody poo's give the doctor or midwife a call. DONT ALARM MUM. Its probably nothing. 

Breastfeed Poo
Breastfed poo.JPG
Formula Poo
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