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So you are going to have a baby

Ok, so the baby is getting ready to come out. You might feel that now is a good time to read about giving birth, or about parenting. I totally get that feeling. 

The thing is you have your whole life of being a mum ahead of you. Enjoy your little family of two now. Go out to dinner, or watch a dvd together. 

You may feel an urge to clean. It is called nesting, and you have probably heard that mentioned before. I like to think of it as a way to show you that your body is taking over. Having said that, if nesting means that you washed one dish, dropped something on the ground that was way to hard to pick up, and so you walked away, that is fine. 

What to pack?

  • Phone Charger

  • Your birth plan

  • Pads

  • if you have been collecting colostrum then make sure they are in the freezer and labelled. 

  • Dry Shampoo

  • Tissues

  • Comfy undies

About your birth plan

By all means write a birth plan. Make it pretty, sensible and detailed about what you want Just be prepared that your baby and you body have not read the birth plan, and giving birth rarely goes to plan. However we all got here in the end. Just let you body go with it. If you dont want an epidural, that is fine, if you do, that is fine. If you change your mind, that is fine. If you want to try a water birth, cool, let me know how that goes. I wanted a water birth, but my baby decided to poo inside me and so I couldnt. So just be flexible with yourself.

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