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Hi Dad, 

So you are going to be a father. YAY, that is very exciting. 

Have you been feeling a bit neglected over the last 9 months because everything has been about the pregnancy? Well buckle your seatbelt now nothing is about you, and yet you have the most important role of anyone. 

Ok so I wrote that lift your spirits and tap into the male ego, but it is sort of true. 

Your job now, is to be the care giver to the mother of your child. She needs you to be everything now. She is being everything to your child, so you have to be everything else. 

She has a sore back, you rub it, she cries (and she will) you hug her. She feels unloved, you hug her and tell her she is loved and she is doing so well. 

It can be hard for new mums to find their way through all the books and advice. Ultimately there is a reason why there isnt one book to rule them all. It is because no one has written a book about your baby. So take advice, and if it isnt for you, just say so. 

If anyone stresses mum out, you (behind the scenes) tell them to back off. I dont care if that is me, or a woman who has all the answers, or a book...if Mum doesnt like it, you make it go away. 

In time things will be more about you. You are a role model. If you have a daughter, she is going to one day find a man just like you to be her husband. If you have a boy, you are going to teach him how to be respectful to women. Right now. One JOB, LOOK AFTER MUM. 

It is not about you, and yet it is all about you. So in each section I have added some Dad advice. You dont have to take that advice. What do I know? It is there if you need it though.

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